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Bird sound Weekend in the Bushveld 9 -11 Feb 2018

(a unique learning experience in nature)

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Bird-calls are for many one of the most joyous aspects of birding. Yet for many they can also be infuriating and frustrating. While birding by sound is fundamental to the skills of almost all top birders, many of us find the challenge of learning bird calls somewhat frustrating.

This unique weekend birding experience combines a wonderful bushveld location with exposure to a wide variety of bird-sounds and techniques for mastering these calls. The main focus will be sounds of the bushveld and Gauteng garden environments, but also serves as an introduction to southern African bird sounds in general.

The weekend activities will include a mix of good birding through excursions and walks, lectures on bird-sounds and a variety of exercises and sound experiences which are designed to enhance your future ability to recognise and appreciate a greater variety of bird calls.

Sonogram of song of Thrush Nightingale

Sonogram of song of Thrush Nightingale
Sonograms and image of Thrush Nightingale (Image by Etienne Marais)

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Sonogram above By Yu Moskalenko - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

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