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Yellow-breasted Pipit - Notes on Identification of Non-breeding birds (And a lesson in note-taking)

In July of 2004 I went out birding with Faansie Peacock - the main object being to confirm the presence of non-breeding Yellow-breasted Pipits at Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve. To cut a long story short, we found the birds, as described here. The Identification of these drab LBJ's (in winter plumage anyway) is no simple matter. A day later, Faansie said he had made some notes on the birds, and would I care to comment?

I did not know at the time that Faansie was working on a book on Pipits, but was naturally very impressed at the detail and artistic skill displayed in his "notes". These are certainly a lesson to most of us birders, who are generally not avid note-takers to say the least!

Faansie's work on the Pipits of Southern Africa is still available. The book is highly recommended! Get yourself a copy before it is out of print! Visit to order a copy!

Etienne Marais

PS: Click on the image for a full-scale version (276KB)
Field Notes on Yellow-breasted Pipits - by Faansie Peacock - Suikerbosrand 2004

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