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Indicator Birding Tours

Mozambique Birding Tours 2014/2015:

Mozambique & Zimbabwe Winter Classic. 03 July - 18 July 2014: This tour takes in all the best-known Mozambique hotspots - including Panda,(Olive-headed Weaver), Unguane (Green Tinkerbird), Mount Gorongosa, Rio Savane, Mphingwe and the Zambezi basin, and the Bvumba Mountains in Zimbabwe. The winter months are a surprisingly good time to visit Mozambique and the highlands of Eastern Zimbabwe. Most resident species are relatively easy to see and relatively cool days and active birdlife combined with "winter" rains often produces spectacular shows. Winter migrants include Short-tailed Pipit, Mascarene Martin and Malagasy Pond-Heron. . . . . . more.
Southern Mozambique Woodland and Wetland 7 day Tour. 5 -11 August 2014.

This trip is a short seven day trip which is aimed to the essential birding sites in Southern Mozambique (ie south of the Save River) - where key specials can be found. Despite it being winter, one may see a variety of specials, and we usually encounter some shorebirds at this time of year. The trip includes a visit to the Green Tinkerbird site, the wetlands on the Limpopo Floodplain and at Unguane and or course the excellent and exciting woodland and forest habitats around Panda.

Central Mozambique birding Adventure (with African Pitta)

This year we are offering two different options for visiting the region in summer - when the African Pitta's are present.

Trip 1 - Fly-in Trip:29 November - 5 December 2014

A shorter version of the Central Mozambique classic. Fly to Beira from Johannesburg and participate in an 8 day (7 nights) trip around the amazingly rich central Mozambique region ! Key specials include African Pitta, White-chested Alethe, Green-headed Oriole, Locust Finch and Chestnut-fronted Helmet-Shrike.

Trip 2 - Drive in Trip: 9 - 21 December 2014.

This longer trip covers all the same locations as the shorter fly-in trip, but spends a little more time in key locations and also visits the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe. The trip can be done on self-drive or transported basis. Self-drive participants will be supplied with 2-way CB radios for the whole trip !

In addition to the birds listed above, one can expect to see Swynnerton's Robin, Mottled Swift, Bronzy Sunbird and other eastern highlands specials. Request more information on the Summer Pitta options.
Mozambique/Zimbabwe late summer special February 2015.

This mega-trip is timed to take advantage of the late summer season, a time when a variety of specials are most easy to see. In particular late summer is excellent for Cuckoos, Warblers, waders and specifically specials such as Crab Plover and Great Knot, as well as many other possibilities as regards rarities. The trip includes a visit to the Green Tinkerbird site, Beira coastal floodplains and of course the Wetlands of Harare which can offer spectacular birding at this time of year. The trip also provides a chance of seeing Basra Reed-Warbler) . . . . . more.
S Mozambique 8-Day Trip 18 - 25 April including specials such as Crab Plover and Great Knot, as well as many other possibilities as regards rarities. The trip includes a visit to wetlands on the Limpopo Floodplain and is timed to co-incide with spring tides at Inhambane, so one can expect exceptional wader watching! This trip also includes Panda for Olive-headed Weaver, Southern Hyliota, White-breasted Cuckoo-shrike and many other Miombo specials. Furthermore we visit Unguane to locate the Green Tinkerbird again. . . . . . more.
Northern Mozambique (2015) Date to be announced. Njesi Plateaux, Serra Jeci, Monte Namuli. This trip will target these very little known highlands in Northern Mozambiqe. Species include Long-billed Tailorbird, Cholo Alethe, Namuli Apalis, Bertram's Weaver, Stierlings Woodpecker and Olive-headed Weaver. . . . .Please let us know if you would like updates and information on these tours
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African Pitta by Etienne Marais African Pitta by Etienne Marais
East Coast Akalat by Etienne Marais
Black and White Flycatcher (Vanga Flycatcher) Black and White Flycatcher (Vanga Flycatcher)
White-chested Alethe White-chested Alethe


About our Mozambique trips

Indicator Birding has run over 35 birding tours to Mozambique and will include northern Mozambique and it's near endemics from 2015. Join us and go on the birding trip of a lifetime! Mozambique is one of the last frontier for Southern African birding, and offers a number of specials not easily seen elswehere in Africa. Contrary to the perceptions of many South Africans who holiday on Mozambique's "spoiled" southern coast, Mozambique offers vast tracts of woodland, forest and wetlands, some superb reserves, national parks and incredibly rewarding "hotspots".

The focus of our trips is on some of the more difficult species found in the region, and we will concentrate efforts on these species in each area.

We have unrivalled experience in the region and Etienne Marais, who will be your leader knows the localities and the birds intimately.

Different Tour Options:
  • Full-service fly-in tours. These tours include all accomodation, transport in an appropriate vehicle (4x4 or microbus), catering, park entry fees etc. We will assist in making flight bookings to and from Beira Airport, where the tours start and finish.
  • Full-service drive-in tours. These tours include all accomodation, transport in an appropriate vehicle (4x4 or microbus), catering, park entry fees etc. Point of departure is from Pretoria, South Africa.
  • 4x4 Birding Adventure Tours Visiting a variety of "off-the" beaten track destinations these tours are a guided 4x4 adventure. If remote wilderness is your thing and you want to test your overland equipment, while being shown fantastic birds, this tour is for you! We provide 29Mhz CB radios to all vehicles in order to ensure a smooth and pleasurable trip with maximum birds. We do minimal birding in convoy, in order to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of seeing all the birds on offer!Point of departure is from Pretoria, South Africa.
  • "Anytime" Custom tours If you have a group who want to to Mozambique, we can design an itinerary make all arrangements and provide professional tour leading and guiding along the way. This will ensure that your trip is so much more relaxing and productive, than if you were to go it alone!
Our results in terms of actual birds seen are excellent, and we specialize in showing participants good views of all the birds concerned. All of our previous trip reports are available and we can (on request) also supply names and contact details of all those who have been our Mozambique trip previously.

For a full list of specials and birdlist click here.

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