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Birdlist: Top Specials for South/Central Mozambique


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List of Specials for Southern/Central Mozambique

Key: (Old) Roberts No , English Name

Top Specials - These are the classic Mozambique and eastern Littoral specials which we will focus our attentions on!

  Madagascar Squacco Heron
  Rufousbellied Heron
  Ayres' Eagle
  Southern Banded Snake Eagle
  Augur Buzzard
  Dickinson's Kestrel
  Rednecked Francolin
  Blue Quail
  Blackrumped Buttonquail
  Lesser Jacana
  Senegal Lapwing (Lesser BW)
  Longtoed Lapwing
 Great Snipe
 Great Knot
 Lesser Sand Plover
  Crab Plover
  Lesser Crested Tern
  Delegorgue's Pigeon
  Bluespotted Dove
  Greyheaded Parrot
  Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo
  Madagascar Cuckoo
  Thick-billed Cuckoo
  Barred Owl
  Square-tailed Nightjar
  Mottled Swift
  Scarce Swift
  Mottled Spinetail
  Bohm's Spinetail
  Mangrove Kingfisher
  Bohm's Bee-eater (newly rediscovered)
  Madagascar Bee-eater
  Swallowtailed Bee-eater
  Rackettailed Roller
  Silverycheeked Hornbill
  Whyte's Barbet
  Eastern Green Tinkerbird
  Pallid Honeyguide
  Green-backed Honeybird
  Green-backed Woodpecker
  Speckle-throated Woodpecker
  African Broadbill
  Flappet Lark
  Fawncoloured Lark
  Greyrumped Swallow
  Mascarene Martin
  Eastern Sawwing Swallow
  Whitebreasted Cuckooshrike
  African Golden Oriole
  Greenheaded Oriole
  Miombo Tit
  Cinnamon-breasted Tit
  Tiny Bulbul
  Stripecheeked Bulbul
  Miombo Rockthrush
  White-chested Alethe
  East-Coast Akalat
  Yellow-breasted Hyliota
  Mashona Hyliota
  Chirinda Apalis
  Blackheaded Apalis
  Redfaced Crombec
  Stierling's Barred Warbler
  Moustached Grass-Warbler
  Palecrowned Cisticola
  Singing Cisticola
  Rufouswinged Cisticola
  Shortwinged Cisticola
  Redwinged Warbler
  B&W Flycatcher (Vanga)
  Mozambique Batis
  Woodwards' Batis
  Livingstone's Flycatcher
  Whitetailed Flycatcher
  Tree Pipit
  Shorttailed Pipit
  Rosy-throated Longclaw
  Anchieta's Tchagra
  Chestnutfronted Helmetshrike
  Miombo Blue-eared Starling
  Miombo DC Sunbird
  Variable Sunbird
  Plainbacked Sunbird
  Copper Sunbird
  Western Violetbacked Sunbird
  Oliveheaded Weaver
  Blackwinged Bishop
  Orange-winged Pytilia
  Green Twinspot
  Red-throated Twinspot
  Redfaced Crimsonwing
  Lesser Seedcracker
  Redthroated Twinspot
  Grey Waxbill
  Yellow-bellied Waxbill
  Locust Finch
  Pied Mannikin
  Broadtailed Paradise Whydah
  Lemonbreasted Canary
  Blackeared Canary
  Cabanis's Bunting
  Southern Citril

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