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Feedback on Weekend Events/Courses:


"Thanks again for a lovely warbler weekend (and the beautiful - lifer - Pink-billed Lark) - I really enjoyed it..."

- Anneke Vincent - Pretoria
March 2012


Excellent itinerary, especially the lecture on Friday preceding the searching for birds on Saturday and Sunday. Well organised. "Introduction" before finding each bird (reminding us of key aspects) very handy. Pace fast, but that ensures success and I don't have a problem rushing past birds "not on the menu" (although we did stop or look at some!). Excellent, very handy, different sources combined provided detailed info. Photos assisted to change one's mind to the LBJ thinking (no colours to ID birds). It's a privilege to participate in well-organised outings where the leader doesn't hesitate to share his knowledge. Thanks for all your time and inputs to make the outings and tours so highly succesful!

Lisl van Deventer
LBJ Field Course, Ezemvelo
February 2007

The tour was very well organized and although the pace was quite quick, it was necessary to see all the target birds in the limited time available The Lark, Pipit & Cisticola slide show was very informative and the booklet handed out will be very useful in the future in identifying various LBJ's. Overall I felt I learnt a huge amount in the identification of a group of birds I have struggled with in the past....I was extremely happy having seen all of my target Larks, Pipits & Cisticolas. Seeing other lifers like the SA Cliff Swallow, Rufous-cheeked Nightjar, Pearl-breasted Swallow and Rufous-chested Sparrowhawk was an added bonus......The guiding was excellent........I would highly recommend any birding trip or event with Indicator Birding.

Stephen Meddows-Taylor
LBJ Field Course, Ezemvelo
February 2007

"The whole week end was great and filled a great gap in some of the larks and cisticolas in my knowledge... LBJ’s are an area that is avoided by many but you made it very interesting and informative..... I have seen more than 600 birds in SA but have not obtained a fraction of the knowledge which you exposed to the groups who ventured out with you.

Colin Gerrans
LBJ Field Course, Ezemvelo
November 2004

I would like to thank you, Rob and Selwyn for an excellent birding weekend. it was worth every cent, since my personal knowledge in bird watching and in particular identification techniques make a quantum jump forward. I have found that the field guides often omit some easy, identification techniques, which I have picked up during the weekend.

Peter Wilgenbus
LBJ Field Course, Ezemvelo
November 2004


"Itinerary was exactly what I wanted, pace was just right for me. I look forward to birding with Etienne again and can rely on him to know where the birds I need can be found.... Trip passed my expections, I was hoping for 5 or 6 lifers, and I achieved 14......Etienne's guiding was very professional, but relaxed enough to make the trip fun.

Margaret McIver
Cape Town
Mapungubwe Weekend, Feb 2007

On the itinerary: "Very specific on finding specials and thus customer friendly information on habitat preferences for a number of key species were shared by team leader I'm looking forward to another outing with Indicator Birding soon....I have seem over ten lifers at a place I have visited more than three times before, the trip was important to me. (on guiding:) "knowledgeable and customer oriented"

Soza Simango
Mapungubwe Weekend, Feb 2007

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