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Birding Mozambique

About our Mozambique Trips
Mozambique offers some of the most exciting birding in Southern Africa. This vast region hosts a wide array of forest, savannah and wetland specals and remains one of the last frontiers for birding in Southern Africa, with a number of exciting discoveries over the last few years.

Central Mozambique is that area bounded by the Pungwe River in the South and Zambezi to the north. With the suspension of hostilities by Renamo and government forces in January 2017, the area is once again safe to visit. Top sites include the Rio Savane floodplains, Mount Gorongosa, Gorongosa National Park and the Coutadas (hunting concessions in the heart of the Zambezi Basin). Top birds include African Pitta, Locustfinch, White-chested Alethe, Green-headed Oriole, Moustached Grass-Warbler, Speckle-throated Woodpecker and Bohm's Bee-eater.

Southern Mozambique - Mozambique south of the Save River has never been affected by the conflict and we have been running tours here regularly for the last few years. Top sites include Panda (Olive-headed Weaver and other miombo specials), Chacane Wetlands (Great Bittern, African Hobby), Inhambane estuary (Great Knot, Crab Plover) Barra/Tofo Pelagics (Greater Frigatebird, Sooty Tern and assorted Storm-petrels. Also on the programme here is Green Tinkerbird (Several sites now accessible, and the superb woodlands South of the Save River.

Winter or Summer? While Summer trips offer a fuller range of Intra-African and Palearctic migrants, seasons are very different in Mozambique, and the cooler winter months provide for a more pleasant and relaxing trip. Surprisingly, many species are easier to see in the winter months, including specials like Western Violet-backed Sunbird, Black and White Flycatcher and Livingstone's Flycatcher. Our only breeding record of Great Bittern was on a winter trip and of course Mascarene Martin and Malagasy Pond-heron can only be seen in winter.

Etienne Marais has been leading and organizing birding trips to Mozambique for 13 years, and he knows all the localities and the birds intimately. For self-drive (tag-along) participants (available only on some trips) We provide 29Mhz CB radios to all vehicles in order to ensure a smooth and pleasurable trip with maximum birds. We do minimal birding in convoy, in order to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of seeing all the birds on offer!

Our results in terms of actual birds seen are excellent, and we specialize in showing participants good views of all the birds concerned. All of our previous trip reports are available and we can (on request) also supply names and contact details of all those who have been our Mozambique trip previously.

For specific information on our trips (accomodation, transport, itineraries etc), please contact us here.

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