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Discount Policy

Indicator Birding offers selected clients discounts on our standard tour prices.

Group Booking Discount.

10% Discount on any booking for any scheduled event, where 4 or more persons book together (subject to availability of 4 places!) (Note that where taken in conjunction with any of the other discounts, all four of the people booking have to qualify, and total discount may not exceed 12.5%)

Existing/Past Clients of Indicator Birding

5.0 % Discount for a tour or event, for anyone who is an existing client of Indicator Birding.

Regular Clients of Indicator Birding

10% Discount applicable for those who have participated in activities amounting to at least 30 days in the field. The thirty days can be made up of 2 longer tours or multiple shorter events.

Discount for "tour group" leader/organiser.

Our normal billing procedure is that you put a tour group of at least 6 persons together for a customised tour of over 10 days, we will only bill the other five persons. You as the organiser (group leader) partipate in the tour free.

Active Participants in the Southern African Bird Atlas Project (SABAP2).

We offer discounts for all our courses, weekend events and scheduled tours for those with an active record of participation in SABAP2. The discounts applicable are:

Registered more than 20 cards - 3%
Registered more than 100 cards - 6%
Registered more than 200 cards - 10% for 'courses' only, 7.5% for all other events

To enquire about a specific tour or dates you are interested in, please use this form here.

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